A look to fit any occasion

Reginald has a number of different uniforms, suitable for different occasions:   

The photo below on the left is an example of typical day attire and consists of ghillie brogues, kilt hose, kilt, day sporran, Argyll jacket, long tie and glengarry.  This type uniform would normally be worn for golf tournaments, funerals, or any other daytime occasion.  The kilt shown in this photo is of the MacKenzie tartan. 

The photo below in the center is an example of Scottish evening wear.  Items that differ from the day attire previously described are the dress sporran, Prince Charlie jacket, vest, tuxedo shirt and bowtie.  This uniform would be worn for weddings, Robbie Burns dinners, etc.  The kilt shown in this photo is of the Prince Charles Edward Stuart tartan.     

The photo below on the right shows the full military uniform and consists of spats, hose tops, kilt, horsehair sporran, military tunic, cross belt, shoulder plaid. The uniform can be worn with either a glengarry or a feather bonnet. Due to the extreme heat in Florida this uniform is usually reserved for special indoor occasions such as high school and college graduations.


uniform_1 uniform_2 uniform_3